Vital statistics
Personality Tough guy, Tough attitude
Powers ability to carry heavy guns and a master marksman
Rivals Iron fist
Other Information
Teacher Lord Ironarm
Relatives Nessa Léralondë:mother of big gun who thinks hes dead
General BigGun was once human who was adopted by an elvish mother when he was only a baby, and was great at elvish sports and studying weaponry, when he was 21 he joined the elvish military to protect his loved ones by being a great marksman. But one day he was attacked by his comrades they told him "No human will ever be a great marksman!!!" and was left for dead. Elves and humans had a history in which blood was spilled for a very long time. When Ironarm found him BigGun was gasping for air since the Elves stabbed Biggun in the lungs. Ironarm built a suit for him and soon he was practically indestructible and was given a mingun to yield. Then 4 years later it was said that the Elven patrol unit 413 was completely obliterated, all soldiers had multiple metal pieces inside of them. That was Bigguns unit.

The Iron Powers

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