Ironeye's brother who was put up for adoption. Ironeye did not know about him until the events of Ironeye meeting his dying father and Blood Evil coming there and both found out from their father that they were brothers. One took the path of evil, the other good. Who also joined the Diamond Powers to do his dastardly evils and is also known as Diamond eye. 

Quotes Edit

"The Mind is a powerful thing, Ironeye."

"How? No one has ever been able to resist my mind destruction."- To Ironeye

"Ironeye is my ... Brother!?"

"Ironeye, you should try evil, its quite fun!"

"Ironeye, one day you will find yourself swirling down into the dark abyss of evil, something that everyone experience, into the darkness where you lose yourself to the burning flames of the essence known as evil."

"My Life means no more than yours. All we ever will be is pawns in the game that we call life. Come with me and we can become Kings."

"There is no such thing as hope when we are all damned to fail."

"I will kill you ,brother, because I too, have a reason to fight and to want power and that is to Conquer the world."

"HAHAHA, You dare try to kill me? You are puny ants compared to my strength. You are scared puppies and I am the Wolf, you can't possibly believe you can win?"

"Embrace the evil, embrace the cold, fear doesn't control you, you control fear once you embrace it. Allow the evil to take control of you and then you can do many great things."

"There is no such thing as peace. There is only ever meant to be death and chaos."