Connor is the Leader of the Human Resistance and the arch-nemesis of General Smythe.

Background Edit

Connor was once a simple human who lived in peace, until Iron Powers forces led by General Smythe overwhelmed the village. Connor was fighting with the soldiers until he came face-to-face with Smythe himself. Smythe quickly did away with Connor and the remaining guards, but Smythe saw a determination in him he had not seen in any other. As a result he raised him from the dead to serve as the leader of his undead armies. Connor slaughtered humans in his new masters' names for a time, until his humanity started to fight back against the Curse of Undeath. As a result, Connor broke free from Smythe's control and later founded the Human Resistance.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Advanced Swordsmanship Edit

Connor wields two japanese-style katanas(which were later revealed to be the legendary Dragon Edge in it's hidden form) and can wield them with maximum efficiency.

Dark Arts Edit

As he was an undead slave to Smythe, he became an adept in Dark Magic, such as causing extreme pain with a glance, draining the life forces from enemeis, and other evil things, though he is not as skilled in these arts as Smythe is.

The Dragon Edge Edit

Connor gained this mighty weapon after he was banished to Hell by Smythe during their battle. With this weapon, Connor's powers increased expontentially. This weapon allowed him to defeat his nemesis during their second battle. It is the brother of the Demon Edge.

Dragon Soul Edit

Connor's ultimate technique. This can go up to 10x it's normal strength.

Quotes Edit

"Move, I don't have time to play around."

"Effort doesn't equal victory, dumbass."

"Every force you create has an echo. You're own bad energy will be your undoing."

"Fuck You! You will not hurt me any further!"