Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Planet
Seen in Unknown
Inhabitants Dargeias

Daqe Edit

Climate/weather Edit

Daqe is a big blue planet. It is inhabited by Dargeias. It is generally colder. It only has 3 seasons:Winter, Summer, Fall. The highest temperatures are during Summer and they reach up to about 55 degrees. In winter the temperatures fall to -44 degrees. It rains a lot in Daqe but that is because 84% of the planet is made up of water.

Major Events Edit

The great Daqe civil war- Edit

The Dargeias fought each other for resources and many great Dargeias died. This was when Ironeye first formed the Shadow Slayers. Ironeye realized that war helps no one. General Ironeye found a water crystal here.

Formation of Shadow Slayers- Edit

General Ironeye was exploring Daqe when he found a group of different species that were just trying to survive. General Ironeye saw that they had great potential. He asked them to join him in his adventures. They ended up becoming members of the Shadow Slayers.