Death Blade
Vital statistics
Personality DeathBlade is very empathetic and is very calm. He is easy going and is persistent. DeathBlade is deceased.
Powers Great technology skills.
Rivals The townspeople who attempted to kill him.
Other Information
Teacher Unknown
Relatives General Ironeye,son

Blood Evil,son


Deathblade is Ironeye's father. He was presumed dead water he got stabbed multiple times and thrown into the water. It turns out his father didn't die and trainded to become more powerful to avenge what the townspeople did. Upon arriving, He already found everybody dead. Not knowing who did it, he found out later when he had heard Ironeye, his son had killed them for revenge. Deathblade took on the task to find his son. He could not find either of his two sons ,Ironeye and Bloodevil. He looked for many years and decades. He had fought many people for information but never could find either of them. Deathblade hit a stroke of luck and found both brothers on the same planet of Daqe. Ironeye was there forming the Shadow Slayers . Blood Evil on the other hand was behind starting the Daqe Civil War that Ironeye had stopped. When both brothers heard that someone that knew them was dying from being attacked in the Civil War, they both met for the first time. Deathblade revealed that they were both brothers and that he was alive. Blood Evil had been put up for adoption. Deathblade told Blood Evil that he should work with Ironeye and that they could do more.  DeathBlade last words were, to Ironeye,"Don't become your brother, Ironeye, Promise me you won't, You are smarter than Blood Evil!".


Deathblade is easy going. Deathblade looks out for his sons best intrests. He cares a lot about his sons but is disappointed in Blood Evil for becoming evil. He is also very persisitent. 


Technology expertEdit

He is also a technology expert like Ironeye but is not near Ironeye's expertise.

DeathBlade's stats
Stats Strength Speed  Intelligence Fighting Skills Magic skills Technology Skills
DeathBlade 2 2 4 3 2 6