Durnehviir flying


Durnehviir is one of General Smythe's lieutenants and one of the strongest dragons in Smythe's army. He was originally trapped within Oblivion but when Smythe traveled over to the Elder Scrolls Dimension, Smythe performed a ritual that severed Durnehviir's connection with that place an then brainwashed him to become one of his Lieutenants.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immortality Edit

Durnehviir cannot age or die of natural causes, though his body can be destroyed, although if this happens, he will reform within Oblivion and be able to return when Smythe calls him.

Flight Edit

As a being with an immortal soul and body, Durnehviir is capable of sustained flight with his wings.

Necromancy Edit

Durnehviir has dabbled in the dark art of raising armies of the undead to do his bidding.

Dragon shouts Edit

Frost Breath Edit

"Fo Krah Diin!"

Durnehviir can breath a jet of frost, unlike most dragons.
Durnehviir attacks

Durnehviir using Drain Vitality

Drain Vitality Edit

"Gaan Lah Haas!"

Durnehviir can coax the magical and life energies from his victims with this shout.

Soul Tear Edit

"Rii Vaaz Zol!"

Durnehviir can rip a target's soul out and raise them as undead servants with this shout.

Soul Cairn Summon Edit

"Diil Qoth Zaam!"

Durnehviir's necromantic shout which allows him to summon armies of the undead.