Earthquake Dilemma
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye,Diamond Back
Main Villains Bone Crusher
Quest Number: 7
Location ZX-1
Rewards Earth crystal
Adventure progression
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The Tornado Death Trap Under The Water!


General Ironeye

Diamond Back

Bone Crusher

The StoryEdit

I will not die here or ever though Ironeye. Ironeye quickly lunged out with his ion cannon. It started out with Ironeye and Diamond Back exploring ZX-1 for the earth crystal. They both found the Ancient Temple where the crystal was located but Bone Crusher was guarding it. So they attacked. Now, Diamond Back was going for a sneak attack on Bone Crusher, a big strong creature. It could crush bones with its immerse strength or its powerful jaws. He was tan and walked on four legs. Bone Crusher hit Diamond Back and then Diamond Back fell unconscious. "Time to deal with you!" said Bone Crusher. "What happens when you fail to see everything? This!" Ironeye pushed Bone Crusher and Diamond Back who was hidden under the ground attacked and bite Bone Crusher. "I thought you got knocked out." Ironeye exclaimed. Diamond Back said," I am great at faking to be dead. I can sneak into anywhere and that takes good acting and carefulness. Two Things I have." Ironeye retrieved the earth crystal and left for back home.