Fire Dog
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Some attributes
First Powers: Flame control, enhanced senses,enhanced speed.
Second Team Affiliation: Shadow Slayers
Third Height(on fours):1 foot 4 inches

Weight:73 pounds

Other attributes
File:Fire dog by chasedowntown-d3jtp5g.jpg

Background Edit

Fire Dog was Dead Fish's partner. One day General Ironeye traveled to their universe where they had a small brawl. General Ironeye, seeing that Fire dog and Dead Fish have great potential, offered them to join the Shadow Slayers . Fire dog accepted and so did Dead Fish. It is unknown how Fire dog got his fire powers. 

Personality Edit

Fire dog is not arrogant but is not unconfident either. Fire dog is very trustworthy and has honor. Fire Dog has always wanted to do good. He's not the smartest nor the strongest but he is very loyal and does his job.

Powers Edit

Fire manipulationEdit

Fire dog can manipulate fire. This includes but is not limited to fireballs, fire breath, fire shield, fire absorption, and flame claw.

Enhanced speedEdit

Fire dog has enhanced speed.

Enhanced sensesEdit

Fire dog has enhanced senses like hearing and smell.

Quotes Edit

"I will always stay by your side, Dead Fish."

"Flaming Storm!"

"Peace? Sure I will help you!" -joining Shadow Slayers

The Shadow Slayers

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