General Ironeye's Quest to be Stronger than magic!
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye,Steeltooth
Main Villains A big Beast
Quest Number: 3
Location DEFG 15
Rewards A mineral that is magic resistant.
Adventure progression
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The rescue mission? The Crystal Gates (An Ironeye Adventure)


General Ironeye


The storyEdit

General Ironeye’s quest to be stronger than magic!Edit

General Ironeye set out on a quest to find magic resistant material. Only Lord Ironarm knew about this quest. He is going to the edge of the planet DEFG 15, no one has ever made it to there, he had heard rumors about strong materials found there but no one has been able to make it there. His pet Steeltooth is coming with him. Ironeye got into his spaceship he had built.  He brought along Steeltooth. He got into the driver’s seat pushed in his location and pressed a button. The ship went amazingly fast and he reached the planet in a couple of minutes.

DEFG 15 was a big planet, green all over on one side, and purple on the other side. It was not a spherical planet it was a long flat planet ,the creatures that lived there lived in the green area. The purple part was a small area. He landed his ship onto a purplish ground. The ground was soft and felt like walking on pillows. Ironeye used his iron eye to analyze the surroundings. Everything seemed safe. He went on. On the path he was on there were two canyons surrounding each side. He saw up ahead, using his x ray vision, a creature. He approached it. The beast was about 6 feet tall, stood on 2 legs, and its fur  was mostly brown. It eyes were dark and black, it had sharp claws. It let out a growl. It lunged at Ironeye. Its attempt failed as it hit Ironeye’s shield. Ironeye was absorbing its energy as it hit the shield. Ironeye laughed and then teleported all over mocking the creature. He slashed the beast with his Sword.   Ironeye mocked the dead beast. He was known as a crazy but smart person and now was a showing of his craziness.

Ironeye went on and continued along the path. There were more beasts on the way but Ironeye had handled them. Ironeye reached the end. There was a huge, intimidating beast. It looked angry. It lunged at ironeye, the shield took the hit. Ironeye slashed the beast but it did not do anything. After back and forth fighting, Steeltooth got involved and slashed the beast. The claws of Steel Tooth disintegrated the beast’s cells, killing him. Ironeye went on and saw piles of something he had never seen before. The stuff was black with a greenish glow. Ironeye analyzed it with his eye. It was very strong and was magic proof.

Ironeye went back and created new armor and weapons with the new minerals, now knowing he can beat magic. The mineral is impossible to dissolve or break.