The Iron Fortress Edit

The Iron Fortress was built by Ironeye to serve as a Fortress for the Iron Powers. Only a few people have ever been inside this fortress.

Defenses Edit

Reinforced walls Edit

The Iron Fortress has heavy plated walls that can withstand a lot of damage. These walls have been magically enhanced by Karzoof and still serves as The Iron Power's Fortress of operations.

Radar jammers Edit

The Iron Fortress has jammers that disable radars thus making the fortress harder to find.

Ion cannons Edit

Ion cannons guard the base from all sides. The Ion cannons have a large blast radius.The cannons shoot ionized energy streams which makes it quite powerful.

Bomb launchers Edit

Ironeye planned that if there were a large army then they would need bombs to take those large groups out. Ironeye installed bomb launchers on each side.

Rocket propelled missiles Edit

The rocket propelled missiles take out any flying vehicle or creature. They ,however, are weaker because Smythe requested that they don't hurt his dragons. An air attack would be the Iron Fortress's weakness.

Electrical Forcefield Edit

An electrical force field surrounds the Iron Fortress. It disables most weapons but some new black market weapons are resistant and immune to this.

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