Ironeye's Army Edit

The army has served during many different wars and has yet to fail Ironeye.

The army is lead by Ironeye and Melindia.


Dragons Edit

Surtun Vengeance- Edit

He can blind and suffocate with clouds of choking vapor!He is orange and red with scales that simmer like flames. He shrieks to warn of his deadly approach.

Uqurum Black- Edit

He rains brimstone down on enemies in judgement! He has scales as black as midnight's sleep. He is a strong, high flier with lofty aspirations. Nothing can hold this dragon back.

Azuplos Silver- Edit

He cracks the very earth asunder with bolts of lightning! He has scales as silver as the lonely moon. He smashes things that get in the way with powerful claws. This one has strength.

Jikidor Ichor- Edit

He breathes lightning and scorches the very air!He has scales of sparkling blue, gold, and green. He is an intelligent dragon with dexterous claws. This one is an excellent crafter.

Equxol Dark Edit

He has scales as dark as twilight. He has great plates of bone that form a strong, protective armour. Nothing can defeat this dragon.

Vaalor Vivid- Edit

He breathes a howling wind of ice and snow! He has vivid scales of blinding brightness. Heravages all who dare stand in the way. This one is thorough and precise.

Quphox Gold- Edit

He drips poison from venomous fangs and claws! He has scales as gold as the burning sun.He crackles with visible rage and has piercing eyes. This one is dangerous.

Hurio Indigo Edit

He blazes in the night like the raging inferno of a volcano! He has scales as indigo as poisonous flowers. He brings death without mercy. This one shrouds the land in darkness, dominating all.

Suoquo Dream- Edit

He is a burned dragon, scarred by dragon flame!He has scales that shimmer with the colours of the rainbow. He is a destroyer of worlds. This one is an egalitarian, showing disdain for all!

Libuzz Vengeance- Edit

He leaves the land a blasted, frozen waste! He is an orange and red dragon with scales that shimmer like flames. He is a ponderous, slow dragon. Given a choice, this one prefers to sit atop a hoard.

Seaqold Light- Edit

He is a gruesome killer who leaves the battlefield awash with blood! He has scales as light as the dawn. He is a ponderous, slow dragon. Given a choice, this one prefers to sit atop a hoard.

Niruth the Mysterious One Edit

Not much is known about this dragon except that he uses water and fire in battle.

Cyborg Army Edit

These are the main members: There are over 200 animals in the army. These are the lieutenants of the army.

SteelTooth- Edit

Steeltooth was a cat that Ironeye found, this poor cat was on the verge of dying so Ironeye rescued him and turned him into a cyborg. The cat was very thankful and would be honored to fight alongside Ironeye. He has claws and has
sharp teeth.

Big Bear Edit

A normal bear who was hunted, and Ironeye rescued him. Ironeye turned him into a cyborg.Big Bear is loaded with Sharp claws+teeth and has an eye like Ironeye because it got poked out by a hunter. Big bear has a chest cannon and sharp spikes on his back. He also has enhanced strength.

Diamond Back- Edit

Diamond back is a cyborg snake. The snake has venom filled fangs and has a laser launcher and is small enough to infiltrate the enemy without being noticed and causes havoc.

Gears the Lazy Edit

Gears the Lazy is a cyborg sloth who is slow but powerful and methodically attacks his enemies. He is strong and has claws and has a gear cannon which makes it fire faster and bigger blasts!

DAWG- Edit

DAWG is a dog who has enhanced strength, speed, and senses. He is careless and rushes into battle.He is equipped with an enhanced sonic howl and knows a few dragon shouts.

Reguf the Strong Edit

Reguf is a cyborg gorilla. He has his own armor that is attached to his body. It allows him to have super jumping abilities and strength. It is also equipped with lasers and ion cannons. It also grants him heavy armor.

Big Grey- Edit

Big Grey is a cyborg elephant. He has enhanced speed and strength and can be mounted. He is used to take out big towers and hard to reach enemy planted defenses.

The Shadow Slayers Edit

Karzoof Edit

Kazoof is a young magic wielder who shows great potential. General Ironeye is training him well and every day he is becoming stronger. He lacks confidence.

Big Def Edit

He is a big powerful figure with unmatchable strength and raw power. He is also pretty smart.

Tiny Edit

Tiny is small but powerful.

"Silent" Edit

Silent is a skilled assassin.

Dead Fish Edit

Dead Fish cannot die.

Fire Dog Edit

Fire Dog wields fire and uses fire based attacks.

File:Flame skeleton lvl 1 by aaronmiller-d5szqe1.jpg

Other members Edit


Human hunters


The Flaming Skulls

File:Download (6).jpg

The undead Skulls

The Cyborg Humans.

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