Ironeye's Dream (Background story)
General Ironeye
General Ironeye
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye, Ironeye's Mother, Ironeye's Father(DeathBlade), and Lord Ironarm
Main Villains Townspeople of Edessa
Quest Number: 1
Location Edessa and area around it.
Rewards A spot in the Iron Powers
Adventure progression
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General Ironeye's Adventures The rescue mission?

Characters  Edit

General Ironeye

Ironeye's Mother

Ironeye's father

The Townspeople of Edessa 

Lord Ironarm

The StoryEdit

Ironeye had gotten up today at 7:30 in the morning. He had gotten dressed. He greeted his parents and left out to his workshop. In his workshop he was creating a new invention to help people get clean fresh water in Edessa. Ironeye's skill in creating new technology was from his father who was a master inventor and Ironeye's desire to build and create. Ironeye started making new inventions at a vey young age. Ironeye was full after he ate his breakfast. Ironeye went on and continued to work on his new invention. 

All of the sudden, the door busted open and Ironeye got attacked and captured by the townspeople. His parents also got captured. The townspeople brutally killed his parents and threw them into a stream. They then cut Ironeye's eye out and threw him down. They said, "That's for murdering all of those people.". Ironeye was innocent and his parents. Ironeye responded tearfully, "I have never murdered anyone. You people killed my parents!". Ironeye ran away and out of confusion and anger poisned their food supply and water supply. Ironeye ran far away from Edessa. He lived off of fruits and vegetables he found on his way away from Edessa. Ironeye eventually settled near an abandoned town. Ironeye crafted himself a new eye that was mechanical. Lord Ironarm found Ironeye a day later. Ironarm  was exploring the place when he found Ironeye. Ironarm saw Ironeye's ability to create new technology and offered him a spot in the Iron Powers. Ironeye accepted. 

Where am I, thought Ironeye. Oh it was just a dream but it all happaned thought Ironeye. I fight to avenge my parent's deaths and to bring justice and peace to this world in their honer, thought Ironeye.