Ironeye's First Training
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye, Marvof
Main Villains none
Quest Number: N/A Flashback
Location Earth
Rewards Experience
Adventure progression
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General Ironeye

Marvof, God of Thunder

The StoryEdit

Ironeye was off going to town to get some food. He was the newest recruit to the Iron Powers and the youngest. When he reached the store, he accidently bumped into someone. Ironeye said,"Sorry." But that was not good enough, the guy said, "How dare you!". The guy hit Ironeye with a punch. Ironeye who was weaker, and had no training, took the punch hard. He fell down and the guy kicked him. The guy kept beating him and Ironeye was bleeding out his nose and his cuts from the beating. Ironeye could not take much more. "Hey, stop beating him! If you want to beat someone up, come and try to beat me up." said, someone else. The guy who was beating Ironeye up was now going at the other guy. The other guy caught the guy's fist and broke it and went over to help Ironeye. He introduced himself as Marvof. He then said "Boy, You need training if you do not want to get picked on." He asked Ironeye for his name and responded, "Ironeye, huh, you called that because of your eye?" "Yes" responded Ironeye. He then took Ironeye into the forest and fired a lightning blast at a tree. Ironeye was in shock. Marvof said, "I am the god of Thunder and I will teach you." Ironeye built a ion gun out of surronding materials and shot at a tree. It did as much damage. "Ah so, you are a techonogy expert. Well you still need to work on your fighting Skills! I want you to punch me your hardest." Ironeye punched Marvof. "Hahaha, That was weak. Let me show you!" Marvof punched a tree and launched it far away. "That's how you do it!" Marvof showed Ironeye techniques and helped Ironeye gain strength. Marvof said, "Listen now, Ironeye, a day will come when you have to take control of my powers, that is why I am training you. I see great potential in you to do good. You may even be more powerful than me but for now, learn everything I teach you." Then they both left and enjoyed some ice cream.