Back Story Edit

Ironfist was once a slave in one of the reaming slave cities left in agrotah and was a human too. He was walking in the market place one day where he found two children both were starving so Ironfist decide to steal bread for them. But soon Ironfist was placed guilty in a trial and He had his hands chopped off, and then when his master found out he stole bread for the kids, Ironfist's master shot the kids and Ironfist was devastated. He then ran from his master into a dark alleyway where he met Ironarm, Ironarm told him that there were people who were slaves like Ironfist and wanted to help seek revenge on his former master, he agreed. Ironfist was then taught under highly skilled ninjas and assassins to help him become an unstoppable Rouge. 8 years later Ironfist assassinated his old master and took the last reaming slave trading cities under the flag of the Iron Powers.

Powers Edit

  • Ironfist is very skilled and crafty
  • Ironfist is known to break his enemies bones when punching them
  • Ironfist blend in with the shadows very easily
  • Ironfist hands are sometimes used as ranged weapons and a grappling hooks