Vital statistics
Personality Karzoof lacks confident but is full of potential. He is laid back and is powerful.
Powers Magic, magic enhanced strength.
Rivals None
Other Information
Teacher General Ironeye
Relatives Unknown

Karzoof Edit

A young magic wielder. He joins General Ironeye 's Shadow Slayers after they meet on Daqe . Karzoof has enhanced many of Ironeye's creations.


Karzoof lacks in confidence but he has gained much confidence from General Ironeye. Karzoof has learned to enhance Ironeye's technology with magic. Karzoof is quite strong and shows a great amont of potential. Karzoof was a resistance fighter on Daqe. Karzoof seeks world peace which is the shadow slayer's goal. Karzoof is strong and is laid back. Unlike his master, he is not unpredictable, which Smythe takes great pleasure in exploiting. Karzoof is learning strategy from Ironeye. Karzoof looks up to Ironeye and respects Ironeye. 

Powers Edit


He can use magic based attacks. In combination with General Ironeye, he can make magic enhanced technology. Karzoof still hasn't mastered his skill with magic.

Magic enhanced technologyEdit

Magic enhanced technology is magic resistant and is stronger than just regular magic or regular technology.

Karzoof's Stats
Stats Strength Speed Intelligence Fighting Skills Magic Skills Technology skills
Karzoof 3 4 4 2 5 1


"I don't know if I can Ironeye." -Karzoof

"Yes you can Karzoof, keep working at it and you will master it."- General Ironeye

"I fight for peace. I fight for a cause unlike you." Karzoof to Smythe and Ironarm

The Shadow Slayers

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