Lady Melindia, Sage of Animals
Vital statistics
Personality She is confident and persistent.
Powers Animal communication, enhanced strength, speed, senses, and has control over nature and earth.
Rivals None
Other Information
Teacher Unknown
Relatives Unknown



Not much is known about where or when she was born. Ironeye and Melindia met on a planet where they were both exploring. She is currently married to Ironeye. She likes Ironeye and has made Ironeye a lot less insane. She also has the power to stop Ironeye if he ever gets possessed(An ion cannon that can kill nearly anything given to her by Ironeye). She is "Mother Nature". 


Melindia is confident and is very persistant in getting her way. You would want her on your side because she is extremely powerful. She is quite intelligent and is influential. She has never lost an argument because of her persistance. She is skilled with communicating with animals. She is a bit of aggressive especially if you hurt an animal or a loved one.


Animal communicationEdit

Melindia communicates with animals and has an animal army that follows her. Her animal army would give their lives to protect her and Ironeye. She can communicate with any animal. 

Enhanced strengthEdit

Melindia has enhanced strength with the strength of the strongest animal. 

Enhanced speedEdit

Melindia has enhanced speed which is the equivilent to the fastest animal.

Enhaced sensesEdit

Melindia has enhanced senses. 

Control over Earth/NatureEdit

She can control nature and earth. 


"Rooooar."(Attack Lions) -talking to some lions

"I love you Ironeye that is why I will not kill you."-talking to Ironeye during the second time they met each other.

"You dare hurt me? I will rip you apart and leave you for my pets."

"I am an animal sage. Do you really think I fear you?"

"Can't you two agree to be friends and stop fighting?"-talking to Ironeye and Smythe

"Crush them. Crush them all Ironeye."

"I will help you create world peace Ironeye."

"Destroy. Destroy . Destroy. That's all you people think about. That is why you are going to die."

"I won't spare mercy to you and your kind."