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History Edit

The shadow Slayers were first formed on Daqe. He found a group of resistance fighters who sought the same goal:Peace. This group consisted of General Ironeye, Karzoof, Big def, Tiny, and "Silent" The Shadow Slayers are a part of Ironeye's Army.

Objective Edit

The Shadow Slayers seeks world Peace. They want to have peace. They realize that war does no good.

Ironeye said that the group's objective was "To create World Peace. To protect the innocent. War does no good. All we desire is world peace."

Members Edit

General Ironeye- Edit

The leader of the Shadow Slayers. He founded the group while he was on Daqe.

Karzoof- Edit

He is a young magic wielder who shows great potential. General Ironeye is training him well and every day he is becoming stronger.

Big Def- Edit

He is a big powerful figure with unmatchable strength and raw power. He is also pretty smart.

Tiny- Edit

Small but powerful.

"Silent"- Edit

He is a skilled assassin.

Dead Fish -Edit

Dead fish is immortal and carries a bone blade.

Fire dog- Edit

Fire dog is a master of fire.

Adventures Edit

The Shadow Slayers first mission was restoring peace to Daqe. They realized that they could then help many other planets come to peace.

The Shadow Slayers

Shadow Slayers General Ironeye KarzoofBig DefTiny"Silent" * Dead Fish *Fire Dog