The Crystal Gates (An Ironeye Adventure)
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye,
Main Villains Crystal Warrior
Quest Number: 4
Location Ferg
Rewards A Dark crystal for his crystal armor
Adventure progression
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General Ironeye's Quest for Power over magic! The Dark Escape

Characters Edit

General Ironeye

Crystal Warrior

The Story Edit

General Ironeye travels to find the elusive Crystal gates where it is rumored that a dark crystal lurks which could be used in Ironeye's technology to enhance it.

General Ironeye heard a rumor that a dark crystal is at the Crystal Gates. Ironeye would have to travel a pretty far distance to get there but he did in his Z-51 spaceship . He traveled to Ferg, a yellowish planet. . They landed down on a grassy area. They got some information from the locals on where the Crystal Gates are. They all warned him of the dangers , but a confident Ironeye knew nothing would stop him.

They traveled onto a path into a forested area. Ironeye walked for about 30 minutes, occasionally seeing a small creature flutter by.  They reached a gate. There were big shiny crystals of many colours. Ironeye went through after blowing through the Crystal Gates. 

They proceeded on and ran into a Crystal Warrior. The crystal warrior was big blue and shiny and had a sword.The crystal guardian lunged out with his sword at the duo. Ironeye engaged his armor. Now in his armor, Ironeye used his built-on energy cannon to fire a blast at the crystal Warrior. The crystal Warrior did not survive the hit. Ironeye then claimed his prize and got the dark crystal.