The Dark Escape
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye, Big Bear
Main Villains Dark Dwellers
Quest Number: 5
Location Qout
Rewards grass crystal
Adventure progression
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The Crystal Gates (An Ironeye Adventure) The Tornado Death Trap

Characters Edit

General Ironeye

Big Bear

The Dark Dwellers

The storyEdit

General Ironeye and Big Bear go looking for a grass crystal which he wants. 

Ironeye and Big Bear traveled to Qout, a peacefuler planet, looking for a grass crystal. "We have to look for the grass crystal in the Dark Caverns." said Ironeye to Big Bear. Big Bear was a member of the cyborg army. He walked on two legs and towered over most Qoutians. General Ironeye was wearing one of his prototype armors. After they asked some Qoutians where the Dark Caverns were, they went to stock up on food and supplies. Ironeye and Big Bear left the next morning and headed towards the cave. Ironeye had a backpack on full of goods. They reached the cave. Big Bear said ,"Be careful, I smell something in this cave and I don't think it is friendly." "We will be fine, You are overworrying!" shot back Ironeye. They then proceeded and walked into the cave. They walked for about 10 minutes. They were able to see because Ironeye's suit had a light. However, though as they walked deeper and deeper into the cave, the light got dimmer and dimmer and eventually gave out. Now, not able to see, they heard something. It growled and sounded hungry. Big Bear and Ironeye went back to back to fight whatever may attack them. How do you fight something in the dark, especially when you can't see? You don't. Ironeye didn't use his guns because it could cause the cave to collapse. There were many of the creatures, now surrounding them. They started attacking, Big Bear was clawing them off. Ironeye was swiping. As more would get knocked out, the more would come and replace it. Big Bear and Ironeye both decided to use a combo attack. Ironeye threw Big Bear up and Ironeye jumped up with his demon claw and both started spinning with their claws outward. They hit many of the cave dwellers. It lessened the amount but Ironeye and Big Bear had to spend the next 15 minutes taking every other cave dweller down. Ironeye and Big Bear continued on where they met a large lighted chamber. It was lighted by the grass crystal. Ironeye retrieved it and on the way out examined the cave dwellers. The cave dwellers were small mutated humans-beasts.