The Tornado Death Trap
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye
Main Villains Wind Elemental
Quest Number: 6
Location Yerven
Rewards Wind crystal
Adventure progression
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The Dark Escape Earthquake Dilemma


General Ironeye

The Wind Elemental

The StoryEdit

General Ironeye was heading to Yerven. Yerven was a green planet. It is extremely windy. General Ironeye was heading it alone because everybody else was busy. Ironeye landed down on the ground in his Z-51 spaceship. General Ironeye went toward the Windy Waves. It was the windiest part of the whole planet. Ironeye approached but It was so windy that Ironeye had brought along some heavy weights so he would not get blown away. Ironeye got closer and closer and then, he finally reached it. There in The Windy Waves was the grass crystal. Now Ironeye, knowing there is some challenge to get the crystal, prepared for an attack. There was none so Ironeye moved a little closer and got blown back. There was a Wind Elemental appearing now in front of Ironeye. Ironeye tried to physically damage it. It was no use. The Wind Elemental was made out of wind. Ironeye got blown repeatedly into the ground. Ironeye was getting badly beat up. Ironeye had one last try. Ironeye jumped and fired a laser at the Wind Elemental. It was a success, it hit. It did not kill the creature, though. Ironeye left the creature there not wanting to kill anything he doesn't have to. Ironeye then retrieved his crystal.