The human extermination program was developed after Ironarm broke free of the humans in there capital The white rose. Ironarm soon went after the kingdoms who were holding slaves. The dragon knights joined them because they were holding escaped slaves in the city and King Hagred wanted what was best for his people and that was joining the Iron powers. 3 months after that the Humans surrendered and Ironarm banished them to the other side of the world.The humans thought if the had a big enough armada the could recapture the cities that they had lost and enslave the Ironpowers once more. But Ironarm was prepared he ordered the under water creatures to attack the armada from under there ships and sink them to the bottom which caused half of the armada to be destroyed which the other half was destroyed by artillery fire. Ironarm then ordered all the survivors from the attack and order them to a factory where they were never seen again.....

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