Vital statistics
Personality He is very sensitive about his height
Powers Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and sharp claws.
Rivals None
Other Information
Teacher Unknown
Relatives Unknown

Background Edit

Don't call him Tiny, he may be small but he packs a punch, one hit and the wind will be knocked out of you!Tiny is a small creature who Ironeye found on Daqe.

Powers Edit

Strength Edit

Tiny has enhanced strength.

Speed Edit

Tiny has enhanced speed.

Sharp teeth/claws Edit

Tiny has sharp teeth and claws.

Senses Edit

Tiny has enhanced senses.

Tiny's stats
Stats Strength Speed Intelligence Fighting Skills Magic Skills Technology skills
Tiny 4 4 2 3 1 1

Quotes Edit

"Don't call me tiny!! I WILL Kill YOU!!"

The Shadow Slayers

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