Under The Water
Vital statistics
Main characters General Ironeye, Shadow Slayers
Main Villains The civil war rebels
Quest Number: 8
Location Daqe
Rewards Water Crystal; Creation of Shadow Slayers
Adventure progression
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Earthquake Dilemma A Burning Desire!


General Ironeye


Big Def




The StoryEdit

Ironeye forms Shadow Slayers, Karzoof has water crystal , Ironeye and shadow slayers stop civil war!*Plot details**

General Ironeye was heading to Daqe in search of a water crystal. General Ironeye landed his ship down. Daqe was a watery planet that had some land but not a lot of land. Ironeye had a hard time finding a good peice of land to land on. Ironeye did not know what to expect from this planet. He had heard that they were going through a civil war. Ironeye did not know anything else about the planet. He got out of his ship. The ground was damp and the air was moist. He saw an abandoned town. He walked up to the first building and saw no one. He suddenly heard shots being fired and people screaming, up ahead. He went to investigate and what he saw was horrible. There were Dargeias firing at each other. But there were other creatures too. Ironeye could not name these other creatures. Ironeye stood back not wanting to get involved but he got attacked by a group of 4 creatures. Ironeye quickly knocked them done to ground with ease. He had gotten better and better at fighting after every training session with Marvof. "Who are you?" said the smallest beast. Ironeye responded back,"General Ironeye, and I come looking for a water crystal. Why are you attacking me?"The magic weilding man said, "Is it this?" showing him the water crystal. The group explained what is happaning and Ironeye seeing the many dead bodies lying on the ground willingly accepted to help the group stop the Civil war. Ironeye led the group and decided that they would be the Shadow Slayers. The group captured both sides main bases in the next month and finally stopped the war. As Ironeye came to find out his father died here after searching for his sons. Mr.Evil, Ironeye's brother who was put up for adoption as a baby, was behind the civil war and was causing havok. DeathBlade , Ironeye's father, told Ironeye,"Don't become your brother, Ironeye, Promise me you won't, You are smarter than Mr. Evil !" and those were DeathBlade's last words. The Shadow Slayers agreed to help Ironeye on his quest for peace.